Monday, 28 May 2012


The next thing I’m posting about is my gun design. it started from my Sherlock Holmes research. The revolver was quite a popular item and kept popping up in the film so I thought a simple drawing of it would be a nice starting point. It might take my project down a sinister route.

With this image I decided to try another multi directional repeat using the stamp tool again. This time I left the background simple and I think it looks really interesting. The black gun has had a filter used on it which I think makes it more eye catching. It means it’s not all completely the same image.

I love the inverted design. I think the purple and the yellow really sit nicely together and the white guns add a feel of an ex ray. Which brings the project back round to the title hidden treasures I think. When messing around with the image when making it I simplified it and got the length design. I think it sits nicely with the full pattern as maybe a coordinating border. The image is really crisp and graphical with the black background I think.

As I tend to like doing I duplicated the original gun layer flipped it over the top of each other and then changed the opacity so you could see the different layers. I really like how this abstracts the design. At some points you can see what the image is made from but others it looks really graphical and simply line and shape.

From the guns I selected a simple bit and tried to make it into a design of its own. I think it looks nice, it’s a lot simpler than my other designs which I think is interesting. Obviously at this point you can’t tell at all what the original image was which is an added bonus, really going for literally ‘hiding the ‘treasures’ 

I then decided again to mess around with the colours to see what I could get.

 The next thing I did was go back to my original multidirectional and see if I could make it more interesting which as you can see below I did. I added a floral pattern into the background giving the design a little extra pazaz. The background and colour palette is quite feminine whereas the sunject matter is quite masculine. Due to this I think this is the best and most interesting design I have created so far.

Because I like this design so much I made it into the repeat and actually had it printed out on a length of lining paper to see what it would look like made for the wall. Which by the way looks awesome if I do say so myself. 

Lastly I decided to try and see what the guns would look like as a full repeat along a wall. I then had the idea to fade it out and have one strip full guns, the next half gun and half flowers, and then finally have a strip which is simply the background pattern of the flowers. I think this would look great on a wall. It would add something extra to the design instead of simply having it all the same. I also tried this in a few different colour ways to see if it looked as good and to be honest I think it looks great. I still like the purple the best but it would give clients a few more options.

Again its time to love you and leave you... Good night for now. Tomorrow is a big day (setting up for my final show :S gulp, scary) so it's time to get my beauty sleep.

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  1. Hi Emma, Im just getting around to commenting on peoples blogs. How are you?
    Miss your colourful work