Monday, 28 May 2012


Rght so post number one seemed to go off without a hitch so let’s go for post number 2. After the success of the first multidirectional I tried I thought I would give it another go. I had done some simple drawings of keys using different techniques and decided to use them. I also used the stamp tool as well to add some extra colours. On top of that instead of leaving the background white or overloading the design with motifs I added the kaleidoscope pattern into the background to see what it would look like. I thought it looked great so I left it there.

I again inverted the design once repeated to see what it would look like. Although I like these colours on the shoe design I think for this one the purples are better.

I then went onto the filters and went a bit crazy changing the design around, this is one of my favourites. I used the stained glass tool to make it look more interesting.

I liked a few of the abstracted designs so I thought I would try and combine a few in an interesting way. I liked the way the image above looked with the different cells so I thought I would keep that idea but make them bigger. I really like how you can subtly tell the design continues from one cell to the next, it’s not really obvious till you actually look. I think the plain cells mean the design isn’t too complicated as well which is good. I originally planned to work into this design by hand sewing round sections but I never got round to it, but then I think it looks good as it is anyway.

This is where the chronological order doesn’t work out. I could leave these designs till later to fit in but as I am discussing the key design now I feel it’s appropriate. After the New York trip my project completely changed (ill get to that in more detail later) the colour palette also changed so I had to make some adjustments to some of my original pieces. The key design was one of them. I really like the new colours in the image below; I think it makes it stand out more.

As I liked the way the stained glass looked before I chose to do this again in the new colour palette and I think it looks awesome. As always I inverted the design as well to see what it looks like and I think it looks just as good... let me know your opinion on the designs in the comments below...

This last image is a close up of the inverted key design to show more of the detail. I love the abstract nature of the design, the fact you can still tell it’s keys but it’s not as obvious as it was when it was the normal drawings...

So 2 posts down, I don’t know how many left to go. All I know is we haven’t even made a dint in the list of updates so clear your calendar we’ll be here a while...

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