Thursday, 12 January 2012


To try and help motivate me to get some work done I've started to decorate my bay a bit (along with making a mess of my desk in the process). I have left plenty of space to add more images as the project moves forward but at least I have something instead of a big white wall for now.

Also on the wall is the envelope I mentioned a few posts ago asking others in my class to anonymously let me in on their guilty pleasures. If anyone reading this wants to contribute they can write something in the comment box. I would be extremely grateful for any help.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So I'm having trouble getting motivated to work on my FMP so far. Today though I decided to watch the first Sherlock Holmes film to use as a starting point and see if I could find some interesting imagery to work from. As the project is called hidden treasures I thought it might be an interesting angle to work from as Sherlock is a detective and his job is to find out what people are hiding. Also due to the release of the 2nd film at the moment, I thought it would be popular. I decided to post a few of my findings on here (in no particular order). What do you guys think??? Let me know in the comment box.

I would like to say I don’t own any of the images in this post; they are merely to be used for inspiration purposes.

Friday, 6 January 2012

I'm back...

Hey everyone,

Firstly Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year!!!!

Sorry for my absence over the past month…. But you all know what the build up to Christmas is like; I meant to post over the Christmas hols as well but still didn’t find the time… Anyway I am back now and starting my Final major project properly (we had it before the holidays but not much got done, what can I say a holiday was needed so I had one.)

The concept / theme for my FMP is called ‘Hidden Treasures’. I am looking at objects that have been hidden for a while, whether at the back of a cupboard or been put away especially to keep it safe, as well as looking into peoples guilty pleasures. I have just put a sign up in my classroom asking for peoples secrets (anonymously of course) so I will see how that turns out…

 As I am only starting this project there isn’t much to inform you all about just yet so how about I post something else. This time last year I had a deadline for Newcastle College. It was horrible, the deadline was the 4th Jan which meant I was working extremely hard over the holidays to get it all finished for when I went back (including working on Christmas day!!!! I remember being at my grandparents’ house with the rest of the family working away as we all watched Dr Who)

We were doing a live brief for the Elizabeth Bradley competition ( this is the winner – unfortunately it wasn’t me – but a few other girls from the course got mentioned for their designs) This meant doing a 16 x 16 inch square design for a cusion in cross stitch for our final piece (I think I figured out that the whole thing would take over 70 hours to complete. My goodness It took aaaaaaaaaaages to do) the theme I chose was the 1950’s style and ended up doing a design based around the dress style of the time. Take a look at the completed design along with the painted out square that was required as well…

 As I said it took ages to actually complete, and I kept going cross eyed due to concentrating on it for so long. Typically the type of wool needed to complete the design was only available from Fenwick’s in my area and as the background was so large I cleared them out of that specific yellow – it was still not enough. Unfortunately I ran out of that colour myself right before New Year which meant the shop wasn’t getting any more stock in as well as  them closing for the bank holidays etc. this meant when I went in on the 4th Jan for the deadline, the final piece wasn’t finished (what was I supposed to do, I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find any wool, it wasn’t my fault) gladly though only one or two people in the class had actually finished the project due to it being over the Christmas holidays and having problems like I did so our tutor gave us an extra week to finish. In this week I managed to find some wool and complete the design (yay).

Please comment on what you think of the design!!!