Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So I'm having trouble getting motivated to work on my FMP so far. Today though I decided to watch the first Sherlock Holmes film to use as a starting point and see if I could find some interesting imagery to work from. As the project is called hidden treasures I thought it might be an interesting angle to work from as Sherlock is a detective and his job is to find out what people are hiding. Also due to the release of the 2nd film at the moment, I thought it would be popular. I decided to post a few of my findings on here (in no particular order). What do you guys think??? Let me know in the comment box.

I would like to say I don’t own any of the images in this post; they are merely to be used for inspiration purposes.


  1. I love this film

  2. I've never seen it so I can't help! will be interesting to see what you use from it!