Monday, 28 May 2012

Ballet Shoes

So as I said I would be back to catch you all up on what has been going on over the past few months and here I am. Hmmmm where to start where to start, a lot has happened...

I’ll try and keep to chronological order if I can but sometimes that may not be possible. From the beginning I knew I wanted to try and incorporate people’s guilty pleasures into my topic so I tried my own to start with. It’s quite an innocent one but when I was young I never admitted I did ballet, it just wasn’t the cool thing to do. As I grew up I got over this but I always remember telling people I did dance but never explaining any further what I did. As I still attend classes on a Saturday I asked a few of the younger girls if I could get a few pictures of them dancing to use as primary research. One of my favourites was a simple picture of the feet and so started with this image. Instead of drawing it from scratch I tried simply adding oil pastels over a photocopy to add colour and texture. 

I think this image although slightly weird is really cool, I love the colour choice as sometimes when I look at it; it looks like her feet are on fire. I chose to simplify the image even more and trace the lines and texture from the photocopy to see what I got. I thought by not drawing the foot out properly it would make it interesting to look at as it’s simply the tone and shade being used.

From this I decided to try and make a multi directional design with this motif as I thought it was interesting and different. Instead of doing one by hand like we were taught I thought I would try the same techniques on the computer and see how it turned out. The first image is of the shoe motif being layered over itself in different colours using the stamp tool. After that I have added a picture showing what my first multidirectional came out like. Although it isn’t amazing I still really quite like it as it’s abstract. You can sometimes see what the motif is but others it’s not as obvious. I think the colour choice is also interesting because it isn’t the usual baby pink you would expect when thinking ballet, I think it helps abstract the piece more.

As I have said in the past one thing I love to do on Photoshop is to invert all my designs to see what it looks like as different colours so I tried that with this design and strangely found that I really quite like the colour combination that it came out like.

Earlier in my FMP I found the liquefy tool on Photoshop so I decided to give it another go with this design to see that it came out like. Again I think this looks awesome. The motif id completely hidden, it could have started as anything.

I then used this design to make a kaleidoscope looking flip repeat. I think this design looks awesome it’s really detailed but really abstract.

As at the time I was aiming for interior designs I had to change my design slightly to fit into the size restraints for a repeat. This meant picking out a section I like and then simply repeating that instead of the whole piece.

For now that is the first section of the catch up complete. I think if I keep typing away like I did with this post the catch up will take a very long time. O well, I guess I better start organising the next bit... see you again soon...

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