Thursday, 29 May 2014

2 years ago...

So I noticed recently when passing by my old blog that I haven't posted on here in almost 2 years and I thought to myself it might be nice to post something on the actual 2 year anniversary of my last post with a little clue as to what I've been up to since last being on here.... Unfortunately I sprained my ankle 2 days ago and was a little distracted yesterday when that day actually arrived so here I am a day late (woops).

Anyway I have a plan... I've taken some time away from the design world as I had had enough of being skint when I was a student, so I got myself a job (I know, how boring, but hey it pays the bills). I worked on a few personal projects over the time but I decided I missed creating interesting things so i'm trying to worm my way back in, so i'm currently in the 'work in progress' stage of setting up my own company... You'd like a little sneak peek of something i'm working on I hear you say??? Well OK, if you insist... hopefully if it goes the way i'm planning at the moment you may be seeing a lot more of this image in the future:

There... that's all i'll give away at the moment, It's a rough draft of an idea I'm working with and who knows I may completely change my mind and go in a different direction before its finished but at this time It's quite central to my plans.

Right so for now, 2 years after I was last on here (nice to know I can still figure out how to post on here) I will leave you... But don't be sad I will be back, and no it wont be in another 2 years. I'm planning on posting a lot on here in the near future, I just need to work it all out before doing so... so i'm not going to say goodbye but see you soon :)

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