Thursday, 3 November 2011

Catch up... Photos

After changing my project to reflection I tried to find some more things to draw. These are some photos I took of the most interesting things I found. While sitting on my train one morning at Newcastle station I noticed the condensation on the window which I thought looked really interesting so I got my camera out and took a quick picture. I like how the closer drops are really clear whereas the further ones are blurred out. I think you notice the two halves more that way.

I also found a paper weight in the shape of a diamond I’ve had for a while so I brought it into college and tried to take some interesting pictures with it. I chose instead of just doing it by itself I would try and see what it would look like with some of my past work underneath etc. I love the colour and patterns it creates.

So after doing this and drawing from these the development began... I may get round to adding some designs on here to show how I went from one thing to another to get my finals but to be honest there is alot of it and I don't know if I will have time... So for the time being I think it's time to stay up to date and start posting about things as they happen...

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