Thursday, 20 October 2011


As you can now see I have managed to watermark my own work so I can now start posting images properly without worrying so much. As I am at college right now and should be working (like I said this blog is going to distract me :-P ) I won't upload a proper catch up post right now but save that till tonight when i'm back at home and have more time.

For the moment I won't leave you empty handed though. At the start of the Minor project when researching I found two images that I really liked and inspired me. One is by Traci parks and the other Jessica Subotnik. I love the colours and how different they are from each other but they still sit nicely with one another. They stood out from all the other research I did at the time.

Traci Parks - Crystal crown

Jessica Subotnik - 9 little bottles

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