Saturday, 22 October 2011

Catch up time

I have finally found time to get back on here and do a catch up post, it's been a busy couple of days. So where to start, where to start...

How about with my summer work.

After finishing at Newcastle college in June I went to CCAD to see the 3rd years final show, and while there I met with Tricia Mckenzie the head of the course I was going to join. She gave some summer homework to do. I had to write my personal brief for and start work on my minor brief. I chose to try looking back on a project I had done when I first specialised in textiles which was tea total and see how I would do this again now I have developed my skills.

I started with some research where I found the two images from the previous post by Traci Parks and Jessica Subtonik. As I had the summer ahead of me I chose to pick a couple of sections to draw which I think turned out great. I decided as they looked good to stick them on one of my drawing sheets to show the colours I would like to use later on etc.

After doing that sheet I chose to draw some of my own images using various media. I found some mugs that looked really interesting and created really nice reflections so I chose to try and draw them. The next image is one of my photographs that I took of these mugs to work from. I really think the composition is great and the colours and lines you can see make it interesting to look at.

These mugs were really hard to draw but I think they were worth it because I think they look great in the end. (The image of the red and purple handle isn't great as it is blurry but I think you can still see how detailed it is  and how it looks really well drawn.) I love the use of colours, they looks bold and eye catching.


I also chose to draw some distinct images that you would expect with tea total like a teacup, a teapot and donuts etc. I thought it might be nice to mix the abstract with the obvious together to try and create something new and not as plain as the normal 'happy teacup' you see in the shops. I don't think the line drawings etc are as successful as the abstract ones though and think it's more likely that I will take the others further.

Before I had organised my drawing sheets into what they are I had all my work in a pile in my room. One day when I went to do something I looked at this pile and decided to take a photo of it. This happened twice over the summer which I thought was really interesting. I don't know what I will use them for now but I think maybe they would be good boards for something. 

At this point I still had quite a while before I had to go back to college so I decided to go on Photoshop for a bit and see what kind of things I could get from what I had done so far.

Original image close up
Image mirror repeated and colour altered etc
the design layered over the top and the blending changed
more layers and a more dense repeat (I love this)
using the filters adjusting the repeat

These are my most successful photoshop images from this session. There were so many that I did which I thought were strong it was really hard just choosing these. I'm not sure why the colour of the 3rd image changes but i quite like it to be honest, if it was made into a larger repeat it might be a change to the design instead of it all looking the same.

I chose again to try and mix the patterns with a more traditional tea total image and see if my idea would work. I used the outline of the teapot which I think is the more interesting of the line drawings I did before. One of the designs is alot more obvious with the outline actually being there and a simple stamp being used as a background whereas the other is the teapot merged into the pattern more. When on photoshop I can never seem to stick to a colour, I tend to experiment with them and tend to really like different colourways so you will notice in my work the colours changing often.

Another drawing I chose to try and develop over the summer was the simple donut which I thought stood out. I chose this as it is so different to the other image I developed. I hoped it would give different results to what I had already done which I believed worked. They are similar in ways like the graphic nature but I think they are different because they have more of a motif to work from, it's not just simply pattern.
Original image - I made into a stamp to create an interesting design
repeat pattern made from a stamp design of the motif
repeat pattern layered over each other
stamp pattern over a repeat pattern

The final images I will add tonight are a couple more photohop designs where I tried mixing the two developed ideas together. I used the original pattern as the background and tried to add the donut stamp over the top. One the second and third image I used the original image to create another mirrored repeat, this gave it more depth I think as the layers of pattern increase. I think these two things go surprisingly well together.

donut stamp on pattern background

playing with things like the layer blending to change the colours to look really interesting

This is point where I left it to go back to college. I think in total I had about 175 photoshop designs saved which I was impressed with. It wouldn't have been possible to show all of them on here so I chose some of my favourites to share with you. I was really glad with where I got to over the summer. I put some hard work in and think that it meant I had a good starting point to work from at college.

As it is quite late and I am at the end of a chapter as you can say in the catch up session I think its about time to say goodnight. I will continue to bring you all up to speed with the minor project in the next couple of days but for now folks that is your lot. goodnight and sweet dreams to you all :-)

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