Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Reflecting back... part 1

So let the good stuff begin...

At CCAD I am currently about halfway through my Minor project which is called 'Reflection'.  One direction I went in to begin with was to look back at a past project and see what I would do differently, I will soon be comparing how this went with the origional project on here, but for now I thought it might be nice to reflect back on some of my other past projects. I decided a good starting point would be my FMP at Newcastle college as this is the last project I completed.

Although I struggled to start this project (like I always do) I ended up loving it. The amount of work I put into it was crazy but I think in the end it was all worth it.
These first two images are a coule of drawings I did and worked from to create my finals. There are many more but these two are the ones that stand out for me.

The next image is my main colour palette. I used a pattern that I developed on photoshop and added the colours into it for a more interesting way of showing them. I think it creates a great pattern all by itself which i think is nice. No need for complexity.

 I have also added some images of a few of my designs. They are quite diverse but I love them all. I really like how some of them are analytical and complicated whereas some others are simple and graphical. (one design you may even recognise from the background of this very blog)

In the end when choosing my final designs I couldn't pick one set because there was so many that I thought were strong and successful, so I made 3 collections:

           - Parrot Collection
           - Flamingo Collection
           - Pattern Collection

The following image is me trying to figure out what to make with each chosen design. I knew I wanted a range of products and not to just stick to one or two. I managed to cover my double bed with my material and paper designs that I had to use, whether they were going to be made into cushions, or they were notlets or bags I couldnt get into bed because of the amount. I thought maybe I was being to ambicious when I looked at this with the amount of work that was still to do (aswell as thinking it was hilarious) but I didnt want go the easy way and minimise, I wanted my final show to be full of interesting things. To have people not knowing where to look so I went for it, and actually managed to make all that i set out to make.

Finding ways of creating these products without it costing me a fortune was really hard. Most places I looked to make things like the notlets/greetings cards and the notpads for example wanted something like a minimum of 100 orders of each design, which as a student doing this for a show wasn't possible. I ended up being creative with how I ended up making some things and I think it mostly worked well.

This is a picture of my products the night before hand in. As you can see they are all my finished products mixed together. Even though I decided to make 3 different collections so they are supposed to be seperate I love how they still sit really nicely together and create something bright and eye catching.

 Finally we get to the end, after alot of hard work it was the final show. I really love how it turned out, it's so full and busy. There is so many different elements to it as I made so many different products in the end (and not all managed to get into the show - there was just that many of them). Also as i said before I think that its great that the designs all sit together really nicely, and showcase one another well.

Me at the final show on the opening night

So that was my FMP at Newcastle College. I tried my hardest to create some great designs and in my opinion I think I succeded. Let me know what you think in the comments i'd love to hear back from you all. Anyway I think i've taken up enough of your time for now, come back soon and I may have reflected back on another old project or may have posted about my current project... who knows what'll be next :) but for now I think I have been distracted from doing some college work for long enough, (I have a feeling this blog will do alot of that in the near future :S woops :P )

Bye till next time.

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