Friday, 10 February 2012

Getting distracted (shocker)

Next as always I got distracted on Photoshop. I thought I would go back and look at the images I found from Sherlock Holmes and see what inspired me. Of all things the shadow of a banister on the wall stood out. I thought it was an interesting design and I thought I would take inspiration from this and create my own.

I started by drawing out a quarter of what I wanted because when I tried to do a good drawing that was equal it looked terrible.
I then flipped it on Photoshop to see what it would look like as a full design. When I was actually doing this I was only planning on doing the shape on the computer and then go and draw it by hand but like I said I got a little distracted doing some patterns…

Earlier in the day I had been talking to Abby while she worked on the computer and she used a tool called liquefy on her work which made it look really interesting. I decided as I was already on the computer I would give this a go myself and see what I got from it. I started simple and just accentuated some areas like the image below.

Next I went completely crazy with it. I used the tool to a point where you can’t really tell where the design came from in the beginning which I like. I also decided to add a bit of colour and found the gradient overlay on the blending tool which looked great.

When on the gradient tool I thought the design looked great in many different colour combinations so I decided to save them all and see which looked most impressive printed out. The ones I have posted here are me trying the rainbow colours in different ways which I think look great. This simple use of colour really makes the designs stand out.

After choosing my favourite I thought about the background colour and decided to try and see if it would look better than just simply leaving it white which I think it does. I love love love the turquoise one. The designs remind me of art nouvou and I think this might be a nice route to go down to see if I can get some more inspiration. I also think although I am primarily thinking of doing interior designs for my finals, I think these would look amazing printed into silk scarves or something. I could really imagine them being great like that.

 Let me know your opinions in the comment box below…

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