Friday, 10 February 2012


So far this project hasn’t really headed in a straight line. I’ve jumped from here to there and back again. But then I like how this keeps my options open as which direction I go in when I start developing. I chose to go back and look at one of my aunties images and see what I could do with it.

I thought the flower image was really strong so thought I would work with that one. I decided to draw the outline and see if I could make a pattern from it. Or just modernise it.
I decided it looked a bit bare so added some colour which I thought looked interesting.

Again I started playing around with the blending tools. Removing the opacity of the motif as well as adding the rainbow gradient over the top. I love the colours in this, I think they are really bright and stand out nicely.

I chose to try and take a step back from the rainbow and see what a repeat would look like. I used two layers with the same design over the top of each other. On the black and white the two layers are merged together to create a denser patter however on the colour ones the background repeat is faded slightly so the front one is more prominent.

I then tried my usual flip repeat to see what the pattern would look like. I got rid of the white background and on Photoshop this means the checks show through (which I think is interesting. It makes a better background than simply white) I also had fun with the gradient tool again overlaying the pattern with different colours to see which looks best.

I then tried inverting the pattern to see what that would look like and I have to say I think these are really nice. The white borders aren’t as harsh as the black and blends nicely with the design. I especially like the purple colour palette as the colours stand out more against each other.

Let me know what you think and comment below…

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