Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Not been on in a while

Hey bloggers,

Not been on here in a while, (sorry for that) I've been distracted. I am currently starting my Final Major project (gulp) but I don't really have much to report with that yet, I'll keep you posted when it starts getting interesting.

I thought as I haven't posted in a while due to not really having much going on I would post some pictures of some old work. When I started this blog I said I would do this quite often but never got round to it with the amount of work I had to do with the current project. I however actually have time now so I thought it would be a good time.

This project is going back a few years now. It was my Final Major project in my Diploma year at Newcastle College. It was about favourite toys through childhood and how they might have effected the person as they grew up. I ended up creating 3 patterns that got used on all the different products. There was a boys collection and a girls collection using the same pattern just in different colourways as well as a bear / train collection (used to cover the bookcase).

My original idea for my final products was to cover a piece of furniture. I found the bookcase so covered that. Once I had done that though it meant I had to fill it, otherwise my final show would look a bit bare. I thought instead of simply putting the same design on everything and it looking boring I would change the colours and create a boys collection and a girls to fill it better.

In the end I think I went a bit over the top with my products, I kept having new ideas of things to put my designs on so I did it. I think the collections look great and to this day have come in handy - the bookcase and some of the things on it are still being used in my mothers house now.

first we have one of my final boards with one of the original drawings on to show where the designs started from.

Next is 2 boards which has photos of the two collections and the various products in them.

Finally is a picture of me with my final set up at the final show. As a last minute thing my mum used the scrap material that was left over from when I made the cushions and made the rag doll (which got named Daphne).

 I really liked the outcomes from this project. Although bright and complicated I think they work nicely as a collection together. Let me know what you think...

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