Thursday, 8 December 2011


While looking through my files to find something I came across the image below which brought back some memories. Before doing my foundation degree I did an art and design diploma year at Newcastle College which gave me the chance to explore other fields I may not have tried before, like fashion, photography, ceramics (and even textiles - I had never done it before that course) etc. When I went to do the diploma year I thought I would specialise and come out doing graphics as that is what I had done and enjoyed in high school. however I soon learned textiles is the direction I really would like to go down instead.

This image was done during the 8 week rotation, where we tested each different type of design to decide which we liked best. In the graphics one we had to pick a celebrity and a meal time out of a hat and had to connect the two somehow. I got Simon Cowell and a picnic. I chose to collect objects that you might take to a picnic that could signify Simon and photograph them (like marmite for eg - you either love it or hate it) I then did things like photoshop his name and DOB into the wine bottle etc to make it more personal. Let me know what you think...

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